microXpert provides prompt, single point of service, steady, dependable repair and personalized on-site computer services for businesses and home offices since 1992.

Computer Services

Call microXpert corporation for your computer service needs, consultation and outsourcing throughout Greater Toronto Area. If you can not find what you are looking for here? Call us, we virtually do all computer services!

On-Site Computer Repair: Have your computer or network diagnosed, repaired, upgraded; all on-site in your office.

Tech Support: Ensure that your computers are in good working condition.

Shared Internet: Save time and money and gain convenience by sharing a single Internet connection with every computer in your office or home. We will help to ensure that your Internet connection and computers are protected from outside intrusions.

Computer Network Services: We specialize in computer network design, installation, repair, upgrades and maintenance.

Windows Alternatives: Want an alternative, non-Windows operating system?

Hard Drive Clicking Noise: Clicking noise from your hard drive may mean it is going bad.

Computer Virus and Malware Repair: Computer viruses & malware can devastate your computer to the point where you cannot use it at all.

Email Spam: Do you get too many unwanted emails? If you do, you need to protect with a anti-spam program.

Slow Internet Connections: If your internet connection is slow down noticeably? Call us.

Firewall Security: Ensure the security of your computers and your data files.

Computer Maintenance: Your computer systems are an expensive investment. Keep your computers (and your office) running smoothly.

Computer Consultants: Having microXpert on your team is like having your own in-house computer consultants.

IT and Computer Outsourcing Services: Our computer and IT technicians can take care of your outsourcing needs. Hiring microXpert for your outsourcing projects is like having a branch of your own IT department in Greater Toronto Area.

• Other Services

Computer Equipment, Operating Systems, Program Installation, Computer files organization, Intranet, Backup Systems and many more.

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