microXpert provides prompt, single point of service, steady, dependable repair and personalized on-site computer services for businesses and home offices since 1992.

Technical Computer Support

Don't let unforeseen problems interfere with your office's productivity; ensure that your computer network is in good working condition.

Our Tech Support is available on a monthly maintenance program, with the number of hours needed to maintain your IT infrastructure.

• Recommended service hours per month

Computers Hours
3-4 1.5
5-9 2.5
10-19 5.0
20-29 7.5
30-39 10.0
40-49 12.5

• Tech Support Programs

First Two Months: Basic Actions:

The following actions will be taken using the first month's time allotment in order to prepare your computer networking systems for smooth monthly maintenance.

The first two months will require double hours in order to get the following basic actions completed. If more hours are needed in any particular month, we will offer to complete the services at 10% off our normal hourly service rate.

Monthly Tech Support:

The following actions will be taken monthly as needed and as time is available, depending on the number of systems and the maintenance time purchased.

If more hours are needed in any particular month, we will offer to complete the services at same hourly rate paid for monthly plan.

Suggested purchases for maintenance of your computer systems

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