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Clicking Hard Drive Repair

• Immediate attention required

If your hard drive is making clicking noises and your computer may also freeze or take too long to boot up. It is an indicator that your hard drive may be going bad. These symptoms mean that it is likely not going to last much longer and may be completely unusable within a very short amount of time.

Note: the worst case scenario is that your files and programs may be unrecoverable very soon.

If you call us when it first starts exhibiting these symptoms, we can usually save your data (files and programs) intact. With each attempt to restart your computer after this happens, you are considerably decreasing the possibility of recovering your files. If addressed within a reasonable amount of time, you can be back up and going within a few hours.

• What to do if your computer hard drive is clicking

The biggest problem with hard drive failure is the potential loss of all your data - the contents of your hard drive. Our computer repair technicians have many years of experience in handling hard drive failures, restoring files, and getting companies back up and running. For hard drive clicking problems, call microXpert corporation immediately.

• How much does it cost to repair a clicking hard drive?

While we don't know the details of your particular circumstances, the cost will depend upon the size of the new hard drive, data transfer from the hard drive in question to new hard drive and condition of the failed hard drive for data transfer..

If your hard drive is clicking, contact microXpert corporation immediately at (416) 520-7102 or inquire by Email at .

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