microXpert provides prompt, single point of service, steady, dependable repair and personalized on-site computer services for businesses and home offices since 1992.

Computer Maintenance

• Keep your computer systems (and your office) running smoothly

Your computer systems are an expensive investment, but without maintenance, they can stop at any time, costing you even more. Productivity comes to a halt while employees can not do what you are paying them to do as customers and clients are forced to wait.

We can help. To keep your office running smoothly and efficiently, our computer maintenance services include:

• Computer maintenance can help avoid future computer problems

Our expert technicians can help to spot future computer problems, like hardware that needs repair, or software that may need security patches, virus protection or upgrades.

With our computer maintenance technicians on hand in your office, you will also be able to discuss your current or future needs, and plan for needed upgrades and expansion and you can schedule this in for your next on-site appointment.

Call now to schedule your computer maintenance visit or Inquire online. You'll find our fees reasonable and our technicians prompt and courteous.

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