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Shared Internet

• Save time and money with shared Internet access.

Shared Internet access means, simply, that you only need one Internet account for all of your computers - you can share the one Internet access account with every computer in office or home.

We can enhance your Internet experience, from simple Internet access sharing to increased levels of security. Ensuring high levels of security is vital, especially if you have a dedicated internet address, as is true with most DSL and cable accounts.

microXpert corporation can help with determining the Internet Service Provider for your purposes, and safely share an Internet connection among your computers. Already have a computer network? No problem - setting up your network for shared Internet access will be that much simpler.

• How much does shared internet setup cost?

While we don't know the details of your computer setup & physical situation of the location, but the cost will depend upon the type of wireless equipment will be chosen to install. We provide the pros and cons of all available wireless technologies, so you can make a educated decision to choose the type of wireless equipment.

Contact microXpert corporation now to discuss shared Internet access for your home or office. Call (416) 520-7102 or Inquire by Email at .

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