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Slow Internet Connection Repair

Immediate attention required

If your Internet connection has slowed - that is, if the time it takes to get to your favorite web sites or open your email program and the emails inside it has increased noticeably - you have a problem.

• What can cause this slowdown?

It's possible that your slowed Internet connection is caused by any or all of the following:

In the spy ware/malware/ad ware group alone, we have seen as many as 760 separate items on a single computer(!). Simply installing a certain operating system will give you at least three of these without going anywhere or accessing any other computer files.

• Got a slow internet connection?

If your Internet connection has noticeably slowed down, call us immediately. We can get rid of any of the above and get your Internet connection back up to speed. We can even help to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

• How much does it cost to fix a slow internet connection?

While we don't know the details of your particular circumstances, the cost to repair a computer virus or spy ware repair and fixing a slow Internet connection depends upon mainly two factors;

• Speed of the computer in question and how badly computer is infected.

For slow Internet connection problems, call microXpert corporation immediately: (416) 520 - 7102 or Inquire by Email at .

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